Collecting Hygiene Kits thru Lent

to help those where disasters have occured

By Diana Rok |  January 10, 2008

Hygiene Kits for Church World Service
Matthew 25:31-46
During Lent, Way of Hope Christian Fellowship will be collecting items needed for hygiene kits that will be distributed by Church World Service. These items are sent around the world to areas where disasters have occured.
We will be collecting items over seven sundays. Each sunday an item will be designated for people to bring, (i.e. Comb Sunday, Soap Sunday, etc.) You will find below a list of the items needed with the Sunday in which to bring those items.
On Palm Sunday (March 16) we will be having a "potluck lunch" immediatley following worship, everyone is invited to bring a dish and following the meal we will be putting the hygiene kits together.
A container will be available each Sunday for a monetary donation, as money is needed to buy toothpaste and ship the kits to where they are needed. If you would like to donate or if you have any questions, email us at or call 814-535-8346
February 3 - Hand Towel Sunday
February 10 - Washcloth Sunday
February 17 - Wide-tooth Comb Sunday
February 24 - Nail Clipper Sunday
March 2 - Bar of Soap Sunday
March 9 - Toothbrush Sunday
March 16 - Six Band-Aids Sunday - plus Potluck lunch
Thanks again for supporting this vital ministry