Help hurricane victims

Gift of the heart Health kits needed

By Pastor Rob |  September 23, 2005




The Westmont  Church of the Brethren needs your help to make health kits for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the soon to be victims of Hurricane Rita. Pennsylvania’s Church of the Brethren family has already sent tens of thousands of basic health kits and needs your assistance to replenish our stock so we can keep supplying them. We have opened our doors to be a community drop off point for anyone that would like to contribute.


A Health Kit includes:



- One hand towel - One bar of soap (bath size)


- One washcloth - One toothbrush


- One comb - One tube of toothpaste (4-7 oz)


- Six band-Aids - One metal nail file or clipper



*Package these items in a one-gallon plastic zip-lock bag and bring them to the Westmont  Church of the Brethren from 9-12 Monday through Friday. If you are unable to make complete kits you may bring quantities of any of these items to the church and we will make the kits. We will also accept donations of $$$ to help buy the items that make up the kits. We will be collecting through the end of October.



The church is located at

2301 Sunshine Avenue
in Westmont, phone 255-2154. Gift of the heart Health kit ingredients may be found on our website at or



Thank you for your kind assistance in helping us to provide a measure of relief to those in such desperate need.




God Bless You!